Group Classes

Allow us to be your guide and teach you the techniques required to create and maintain a steady personal practice. Our group classes are so much more than the typical ones currently available and are instead focused on creating a healthier lifestyle. Here you can discover the tools required and develop the habits needed to assist you with improving your daily patterns and ultimately, your entire life.
Yoga Class for all Ages
Stretching & Mobility Class


Combining elements of stretching and mobility exercises, this is a very gentle class which helps to improve flexibility, improve balance and assists with reducing back pain. We highly recommend taking part in this class at least once a week so you can feel amazing benefits specially when combined with your strength exercises routine.


Aerobics Class
Move & Tone Class


Developed for anyone whose goal is to improve their physical conditioning, this class offers a variety of strength exercises to make your muscles stronger, improve bone density and improve the efficiency of your cardiorespiratory system. Whatever your age, our Personal Trainers will adapt to suit your fitness level and safely guide you through the routine, resulting in amazing improvements at every session.


Cardio Circuit & Agility Class


This is a low-impact class which helps burn off calories, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, maintain joint movement, improve heart health, and increase energy levels overall. Furthermore, we use a variety of agility exercises and apparatus to help you learn to move better in any situation, therefore enhancing the balance between body and mind.


On a Walk
Guided Walk & Stretching


Join our walking club where like minded people gather to exercise and relax whilst enjoying the beauty of Bowral. You will always be guided by one of our Personal Trainers who will prepare your muscles with a proper warm up routine and stretching exercises at the end of the session, which helps your body to function and recover better, therefore, you will feel energized and ready for the challenges of the day.
Young Moms Staying Fit
Mums & Bubs Class


Regain your strength and fitness whilst spending quality time with your little one! Our focus is on increasing cardiovascular fitness, muscle tone and strength whilst restoring the core and pelvic floor. It’s not just about regaining the body you had before pregnancy and giving birth, but it's about ensuring that you are fit, healthy and happy for both you and your baby. Expectant Mums are encouraged to join these classes, where appropriate variations will be made.